JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY — Bulb Tavern and Grill had a close call this afternoon, when a new-hire barback, Chloe Hernandez, began to cut citrus garnishes straight from the corrugated delivery box that was loaded off the back of a bulk food distributor’s delivery truck, wheeled down the sidewalk, and dropped on the floor next to the walk-in cooler yesterday afternoon. 


“Oh, make sure you use these rubber gloves!” reminded bar manager, just as the Chloe pulled an orange from the case and began to cut.  “I know you washed your hands, but we can’t be too safe around here!”


“Oh, of course! Thank you!” replied Chloe. “There’s a moldy one in here, what should I do?”


“Push it aside. We’ve got a Cambro for those under the prep table. The purveyor gives us a credit.”


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