FRANKLIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY — Knowing what products to pick up for your bar is always a tightly woven web of politics, aesthetic, and taste.  Sometimes one of these three factors sticks out enough to cement a decision on a particular placement.  


“Hello! I’m Scout Candace and I’m selling cookies! Would anyone like to buy some?” a local Girl Scout exclaimed as she strolled through the empty dining room of Bistro Plaza.  It was mid-afternoon, and the staff was setting up. 


“Huh, nice place you’ve got here, great looking bourbon selection,” she said to the manager, strolling casually past the bar. “Be a real shame if that Pappy selection didn’t come in.  Maybe you buy some cookies, maybe I tell my mother what you did for me. Maybe you’ve heard of her, she’s your liquor rep.”


“While you decide, Shirley, cherries, double.”


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