ORLANDO, FLORIDA — We caught up with bar manager Deandre Morrison as she was knee deep in inventory at The Bait Shop, a local fast-casual restaurant with a mainstay cocktail program.  It was 1:07 A.M., and the bar had closed 2 hours ago.


“Yeah, that feels like a point 825,” she said while lifting a keg and holding a clipboard under her arm. “My phone is blowing up, hold on.” 


“Yo… I’ll be there in a couple of minutes, I’m just about done… I don’t know, maybe 15-20?” she said before hanging up. 


“Hey, can you call out the bottles on the backbar?” she motioned to us. “I just need to add a .6 to them all. My girlfriend is going to murder me if I don’t get out of here soon.” 


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