WICHITA, KANSAS — “It was pretty busy last night, tickets just kept coming in,” recounted Alex Roswell, the service bartender at the Easton Hotel’s lobby bar. Alex typically spends work hours serving Au Poivre steaks and making the old fashioned on the menu. Occasionally though, a real booze expert will saddle up to the bar and ask for a bottle from the backbar.


“Ah, the Macallan 18, great choice,” Alex said to a guest last night, holding a cork in one hand and iced rocks glass in the other.  They set the glass down and poured what looked like a reasonable amount. After a judgmental half frown and a shrug, they splashed another indiscriminate amount in the glass before sliding it towards the guest.


“To be honest, I’m not sure what 2oz looks like in that glass, especially with ice,” Alex told us this morning. “I’m also not positive anything came out when I gave them the Freepour Double-Tap. But it looked like I was doing precise calculations back there.”


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