SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — Huge news out of the Willow Glen area of San Jose today. Despite guests having a clear idea of what they want, some megalomaniac behind the bar has something new for them.


“I want a whiskey sour. You know, the kind with the egg? I just love those,” a guest recapped with us on the scene.  “When I ordered it, he lit up and asked if I wanted to try something new.  I didn’t want to be rude, so I said sure. I wonder what I’m about to get. I hope it’s like a whiskey sour.”


Minutes later, he reemerged, grinning with some frothy up-drink.


“Here, give this a try. It’s something I’ve been working on. I think you’ll love it. No worries if you don’t, I’ll just drink it ha ha!” he said before disappearing for 10 minutes.


“I mean, it’s fine. It’s not what I wanted, but I don’t want to wait for another drink,” the guest told us after taking a sip.


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