SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — Society loves to hit snooze on change. But it seems America is finally waking up to the fact that Black Lives DO Matter. In the wake of this movement, other problematic topics that have historically been shoved under the table are now being discussed.  The hospitality industry is not immune.


“Over quarantine, we looked around at what we were doing here at Looky Lou’s Beach Hut, and knew we had to make some changes,” a local business owner recounted to us during a recent to-go pickup. “We did some research on where tiki comes from. We did some reading on rum’s origins. Despite where the industry is now, the history is bleak. Very bleak.”


As an ‘authority’ on the subject, we asked if Looky Lou’s would be interested in spearheading education on these messy origins. Given tiki’s large footprint in the industry, we asked if they’d be interested in opening a conversation on how to proceed from here.  


“Oh no, absolutely not. We’re just businesspeople. We’ll just change the concept and let someone else take that on.  Maybe we’ll go N/A, people seem to be all about that now.”


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