FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — Getting to where you want to be personally and professionally can prove to be a minefield of pitfalls and thorny shrubbery. Everyone is standing in your way. Nobody knows this better than Charlie Webster’s super woke online persona.


“I really try. I consider every word I speak and try to come at life with open ears and eyes,” his super woke online version told us. “But no matter how hard I push, my in-person self is always dragging me down. Sometimes even literally!”


Lately things have turned around though.


“Since we’ve been trapped in the apartment for a month, I’ve really made strides with this dude. It started as a logistical win; he was stuck at home and I could finally shine without worrying about what he’s up to after midnight.  But the lack of drinking and social fatigue has really had, what seems to be, a lasting effect on his self-respect and empathy.”


His super woke self feels hopeful for the future.


“It’s like I’m nursing a baby bird back to health.  We’ll see how it plays out when he leaves the nest.”


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