TUCSON, ARIZONA — Our scanners at Expo HQ lit up last night when an APB went out for whichever Wednesday Addams ordered these damn drinks. 


“I seriously can’t remember which one ordered these drinks. There are like 8 people here with that costume, but luckily half of the them dated our barback Evan.  He is refusing to come to the dining room, but was able to tell us the name of the person who ordered the drinks,” the server recapped with us, taking the tray back up to the bar after doing a lap. “This must be what parents of identical twin toddlers go through.”


“EMILY YOUR DRINK IS UP!” the server yelled to the room.  3 Wednesday Addams from different tables whipped their braids around.  “MORTICIA CHRIST. Which one of y’all ordered all these damn palomas?!”


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