OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA — Bay area cocktail bar Lime Time Live was surprised with a visit from an official record keeper at the Guinness World Records this past Wednesday.  


“We thought they were the health department at first.  I’m sorta bummed that I had to re-prep garnishes after raking them into the trash,” commented Marg, the manager on duty during the visit.


“This obviously comes as a surprise, because our procedure [motions towards closing checklist] specifically mentions not marrying fortified wines.  But, hey, you’ve gotta get known somehow. That Gaz creep puts his finger in people’s drinks and his orange bitters are stocked in like every bar!”


If you’re interested in celebrating with the crew at Lime Time Live, they have invited members of the hospitality community to celebrate with them this Thursday night, starting at 11pm.


*EDITOR’S UPDATE:  We regret to inform that the bartenders at Lime Time Live, not understanding the concept of a solera system, have consumed the entire vermouth cheater in celebration.  We also received report that Guinness World Records has retrieved the plaque and returned it to bodegas M. Antonio de la Riva.


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