INDIANAPOLIS, IN — “I’m seriously never drinking again.” Derek said this morning, while stabbing a votive with a table knife, hands shaking.  “I’m just going to work on the candles until I’m seated.”


Sunday brunch at Alfredo’s Caio House is the highest rated in town, the most lucrative shifts of the week, and somehow the hardest to staff. 


“Man, I don’t even want to know what kind of service is going on.  This shitshow is somehow money in the bank though.” Margie, the owner, quipped as she quickly counted last night’s drop. “I’m getting the fuck out of here before something goes wrong.”  She dodged any further questions and jumped in her car, which was left running outside.


We joined Derek in the server station, who currently taking orders for the local coffee shop as a means of escape.  The shift manager VETO’s this move as Daren is immediately seated with a family of 8. 


We will continue to follow this story as it develops.