DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — Uncle Mark isn’t afraid to try something new, and that adventurous spirit typically manifests itself at the liquor store.  He has a secret weapon though, a secret lifeline in the aisles.  His niece, Vanessa, is a cocktail bartender in Charlotte’s Uptown business district. 


“Hey V! It’s your Uncle Mark. U ever had this peanut butter whiskey? Picked it up at the store. They say it’s pretty good stuff,” he texted Vanessa yesterday afternoon. “Love you!”


A couple hours later, he followed up with a blurry picture message of a plastic, color changing Jungle Rapids Family Fun Center souvenir cup.


“Your Aunt just made me a Vodka Diet with a splash of Cranberry Juice. You ever heard of that one?  it’s dangerous! She threw in some of those fancy cherries you recommended too : )”


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