OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — “Oh yeah, it’s right down there to the left, behind the port wines. If not there, try the walk-in,” he said to the new hire, while pointing towards the sliding door coolers under the backbar.


David Foster has been a regular at Hoot’s Owl House restaurant for almost a decade now.  He’s seen staff come and go, trends cycle, and his own personal life evolve through those barstools.  So, when it comes to the inner-workings of the joint, he feels very, very confident.


“Oh yeah, I mean, I remember when Oscar -he was before your time- used to make those Elderflower Pear Martinis with the Grey Goose La Poire, which means pear in French.  I could tell you how to make it now, I remember it was a squeeze of lemon juice and a couple dashes of sugar water. He used to serve it with one of those star anise pods on top. Beautiful cocktail!”  Dave reminisced to us over dessert at the bar last weekend. 


Dave is so familiar with the restaurant, sometimes he will lend a hand when new staff comes on board.


“Oh yeah, I mean, you know, sometimes, like when Olivia came on board for instance – remember when I told you how to change that keg? It was your first week I believe. You brought it up and I pointed out the hose to attach it,” Dave asked when his bartender walked over.


“Yes, I do. Can I grab this plate from you, Dave?” Olivia asked, motioning towards the remains of a coffee crème brûlée. 


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