GLOBAL NEWS — Bar and restaurant staffs from across the world are bracing for what will certainly be a shift filled with unsolicited recaps of Tales of the Cocktail, North America’s premiere cocktail convention.


“Like, I’m thrilled that Dani went to New Orleans, but if she said NAWLINS one more time, we’re going to have a problem,” spouted off TJ, a cocktail server from Mango Cafe in Rochester, NY.  “I was born and raised in New Orleans, and nobody says it like that. And no, my family doesn’t eat alligator on the regular. I’m glad you had fun chatting with your airboat tour guide, but my mom shops at Whole Foods in Mid City.”


We wish the best of luck to those out there prepping for the arrival of their coworker from Tales of the Cocktail.  To help ease the onslaught, we’ve created a BINGO card for you to play during this trying time.   Just print it, cut it, and play it!


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