LONDONTOWN, UNITED KINGDOM — The World’s 50 Best Bars Awards ceremony is currently underway, and all eyes are on the Roundhouse in Camden.  We caught up with a local cocktail institution to get their temperature on the night.


“We’re feeling great about this year’s event. I think we’ve learned from past years in the 50-100 range, and have made the appropriate changes to secure our chances this year,” the bar manager and sweat equity partner told us while watching a video on YouTube on how to tie a bow tie. 


“For instance, we’ve really upped out awareness of VIPs in the room.  We have a special baller menu that gives us an opportunity to flex our mixology and presentation skills outside of the everyday menu.  My favorite is the Jackson Jammer Hammer, which is basically an Espresso Martini garnished with a fat $20 bill.  I like to think of it as a way to back to those with expense accounts who visit our bar.”


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