ATLANTA, GEORGIA — “Wait, we juice here EVERY DAY?!” exclaimed Sally Shepherd as we arrived to the Revolver Room, a casual cocktail bar and restaurant with busy late-night hours.  Sally has been at Revolver for about a year and a half, but she has been a staple in the local cocktail scene for about 4 years. 


“Aaron is going to show me where the polishing rags are kept; one second,” Sally motioned to us that she’d be right with us.  A few minutes later she reemerged and sat down with us to chat about her new transition.


“Since coming back from my 9 month stint in Singapore, I’ve worked behind every new, hot cocktail bar that has popped up in this city.  I always get the closing shifts and rarely get in trouble. It’s pretty rad, but my body is starting to rebel against me.  I can’t keep up this work day of recreational drugs and overproof shots for too much longer.  I need to learn a thing or two about how a bar is ran.”


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