HOUSTON, TEXAS — It is no secret that the service industry is in dire need right now. The Daily Expo is also receiving grim reports from the families of local regulars across the country.


“Please, for all the Beggin Strips in the world, take him back.  Since Emerald Tavern closed its doors, he has just on one nonstop,” Montrose area Boxer, Annabelle, told us via Facebook this afternoon. “He makes these drinks with like 3 glubs of Maker’s Mark, Angostura, and a bunch of sugar in the bottom of the glass. After 3 of those big guys, he just keeps telling me about his day and asking me when I get off work tonight.  I am dog; I do not get off work.”


“Speaking of which, when I go out to patrol the backyard, he tells me he’ll keep the door open for now. What the hell does that mean?!”


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