BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — We were lucky enough to be invited to lineup yesterday at the Creamery Club in downtown Birmingham yesterday.  Managing partner, Rhonda Davis, is known for her motivational FOH lineups, so we were thrilled to be in attendance.  


“Sean, describe the fish special to me,” she requested.  Sean did his best, but she interrupted as he stumbled over the seasonal beurre blanc.


“Guy, listen, I totally remember what it’s like. There’s a lot going on in your lives and it’s hard to come in here and totally reset.  Sean, you’re a full time student.  I washed dishes all the way through high school.  Adrienne, you’re a single mom.  I have a cat who takes medication.  I get it.  But when you’re here, I really need you to give me your all. Now let’s get our shit together and get out there and make people happy!”


We had to step out after that last bit because the hair on the back of our neck was standing up. Truly inspiring.


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