NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — The Tales of the Cocktail Foundation released their Top-10 Nominations for the 2020 Spirited Awards this morning, and the fledgling bar industry satire site, The Daily Expo, were somehow named under Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication.  



“Uh, is this a mistake?” a representative of the publication mumbled to themselves while eating peanut butter from the jar. “I got a text from one of our contributors, and thought he was messing with me. Did they, like, hack into the Tales mainframe or something? Are people still hacking into mainframes?”


No matter how you feel about bar industry awards, it is certainly a thrill to see your work recognized. We give a huge tip of the hat to everyone on the regional lists, a congratulations to everyone who made the Top 10 overall, and an ovation for the countless people in the industry (who would normally be) working hard who were not mentioned.


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