LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — While the country rallies towards just change, the hospitality industry fights to survive.  We caught up with local server Miles Layton to see how he’s coping.


“Okay, here you go, I’ve got your Spicy Rob Roy and the Spicy Vodka Soda,” he said, approaching with a tray of cocktails.


“You know, at least people are out here and they’re hungry. We’ve been pretty busy today with the protests,” he hold us through a bandana tied and draped over his nose.  “We did have a bit of a scare a couple hours ago when a tear gas canister rolled into our patio. But at this point, everyone is so excited to finally be sitting in a restaurant… we just made it work, you know?  Spicy margs!”


“We did recently instituted a strict dress code. No blue, no uniforms, no helmets, no badges, just to name a few. We don’t believe this to be discriminatory or anything, just a simple dress code.”


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