BUFFALO, NEW YORK — “Hey, I’m running a couple minutes late today, sorry! Can’t wait to see everyone!” Angie texted her manager 47 minutes before her shift was scheduled to start. This comes after 5 excruciatingly long and painfully trying months of just hanging out at home.


“Whew, TOTAL gridlock on 3rd Avenue! You guys should have seen the wreck that caused it! Somebody hit a guy on a bike while texting…and the cyclist was ALSO texting. Can you believe that?!” Angie exclaimed in an exaggerated volume while throwing on an apron just a few minutes before dinner service started. 


“Then there weren’t any parking spots on the street, so I had to park a few blocks away. Ugh. The worst. Anyway, does anybody else want a ‘spro? I can run next door real quick; my treat.”


At press time, the floor manager had informed Angie she had just been sat with a family of 12, and needed to set up 2 high-chairs on the fly.


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