NEW YORK, NY — The internet has been buzzing this week with the opening of a popup bar helmed by the crew from the much-awarded London cocktail bar, Lyaness.  The popup is located in NYC, and is said to be a painstakingly precise replica of their hometown digs.


The space is curated and built out by Mastercard, and called Priceless – An International Culinary Collective.  Priceless is currently hosting Ryan ‘Mr Lyan’ Chetiyawardana’s Lyaness, as well as elaborate popups from Tanzanian restaurant The Rock and Japanese restaurant Teruzushi.


The team behind Lyaness are, among other prestigious accolades, known for their game-changing sustainability techniques behind the bar. We sat in on a press conference earlier this week where Mr. Lyan gave mysterious clues as to what the themes of this menu would be for this popup bar.


“Let’s say that you’re being held hostage by a company called Fasterfard to run a bar. You’d probably blink exactly 5 times very intentionally to signal distress,” Mr. Lyan said while seemingly clearing an eyelash from his eye.


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