BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — Local server Alicia Brock was blind-sighted recently by a letter from the IRS.  We ran into her during a busy Thursday night shift for more.


“Wait hold on, I’m putting in my 12-top’s drinks and I didn’t write them down,” she told us, while feverishly slapping the POS screen.


“Okay, yeah. I totally just forgot to do my taxes. I get the W-2 every year, put it on my back seat, and never actually do them.  Apparently they emailed me a few times about it.  But the 25k+ unread notification stresses me out, so I never check it..” 


We were interrupted when the bartender pulled her aside to ask about a vodka and cantaloupe drink that was on the menu like 5 years ago, of which she knew immediately.


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