JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY — “To be honest, the bacon was a little undercooked. You know I like it crunchy,” Davis Roland said as we sat down in the kitchen of his vinyl-sided home in the suburbs. His husband was nice enough to prepare us a light breakfast on arrival.


“I don’t have to mention this been hard on everyone. I’ve had to make some changes to the way I do business. I do most of my reviews from home now, judging by social media and takeout,” he told us while pushing food around his plate with the face of someone who is about to sneeze but can’t quite get it out. “This has affected some restaurants more than others, which I believe is what I’m here to report on.”


“I’m here to let everyone know which restaurants are adapting to the crisis well, and which ones aren’t.  Closed up? Easy 1-star. Open but struggling? That’s a 3-star. 5-stars are rare these days.”


We asked if he had ever worked in the hospitality industry.


“Oh, totally. I worked at Dippin Dots in high school. I’ve been watching Kitchen Nightmare reruns lately, too.  I try to keep all perspectives in mind as I gatekeep people’s livelihoods.”


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