MONTAUK, NEW YORK — Just over three weeks into mass protests and outrage regarding systematic racism in America, we sat shotgun on a corporate marketing call led by a 30-year executive of the liquor industry.


“I’ve been doing this for a long time, and the urban market has always been good to me. We’ve always marketed our budget products towards them, and they comprise a considerable percentage of sales,” he said, when the Black Lives Matter movement came up. 


He took a moment to get back on agenda.


“Okay, so where are we at with that, uh, urban liberation statement we discussed? Legal approved; I believe I saw it go out on one of those black backgrounds. Real poignant stuff. Good feedback I presume? Any word from marketing on finding a hip hop artist to cosign on the campaign? I want to really grab this moment. Maybe do a black and white commercial about peace? Just spitballing here.”


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