RENO, NEVADA —  It’s easy to get carried away with the hustle of professional life, and forget to carve out some time to spend with those around you. We caught up with local bartender Marjie Ivanov this afternoon as she snapped out of that service tunnel vision.


“Hey, guys, is this spot taken?” she said, holding her staff meal and motioning towards a vacant spot to lean in the server station. 


“Well look who it is!” the lead server exclaimed while shoving an apron out of the way for Marjie. “Come on in stranger!”


Everyone exchanged a smile before silently and violently shoving food down their throats, barely stopping to chew.


“It’s so nice to get together like this,” the barback said while hovering over the trash can, somehow shoveling noodles into her mouth with a spoon.  “We should do it more often.”


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