WINTER PARK, FLORIDA — Since they accepted a reported $20mil in PPP small business loans, Ruth’s Chris name has popped up a few times around the Expo newsroom.  So we cruised over to their website to learn more about the publicly traded company.  After reading about the cheeky origin of their name, we saw a page titled “Our Commitment To The Community.”  This is what we were looking for.


“Ruth’s Chris Steak House commits to support the communities where our guests and team members live and work,” is how the page begins. 


Sounds wonderful.  Let’s read more.


“Over the past ten years, we’ve donated nearly $150,000 from our franchise group. These donations have [only] gone directly to organizations in the local community.”


Okay, so you only care about supporting the community where your franchises are.  That’s fine I suppose. It really changes the tone of the opening sentence though. 


If our math is correct, that is $15,000 per year. Not a whole lot for to speak of for a company with $86 million in the bank. We’re not turning our noses up at a little charity though; it is surely better than no charity.  We read on.


“Employees at Atlanta area Ruth’s Chris restaurants have the ability to donate to the Giving Kitchen directly from their paycheck to support area restaurant workers.” It goes on to say that in 2017 employees “donated nearly $25,000.”


Sorry, just need to sharpen my pencil.  This means your Atlanta employees donated more in 2017 from their paychecks than you did on average as a corporation. 


We admit that we’re digging for reasons to be upset here, so let’s just move on.  Surely there is some good news somewhere.  Let’s check out this page titled “Donation Requests.”  Maybe we’ll find some no-strings-attached good will.  Looks like they have one way to request donations:


“Gift card purchases (from $25 to $250) that will be utilized for a non-profit fundraising event will be matched dollar-for-dollar.”


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