ATLANTA, GEORGIA — The silence was reportedly palpable last night when a local restaurant’s Chef and Host settled in to watch the evening’s Late Night programs. The moment came when Stephen Colbert’s Late Show monologue made lighthearted pokes at the Harvey Weinstein trial.
“I had this sinking feeling in my stomach. Am I just like him?” the 39-year-old male executive chef and business owner told us this morning. “I realized that there may be workplace power dynamics at play that I had not considered. The entire thing is making me feel a little sick. I should talk to her and end this before she gets hurt.  How do I do it without alienating her sense of adulthood? What a mess.”
We reached out to his 19-year-old partner for comment, and received the following via Instagram DM:
“Yeah, his apartment is really nice and my roommates suck. It’s whatever, I’m just hanging out.”
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