ORLANDO, FLORIDA — Some states in the US are taking active steps to reopen their bars and restaurants, and Florida is aggressive on the list.  Alicia Kalani’s bar and restaurant Lagoon Room in the hip Mills 50 district of Orlando is gearing up to do just that.


“Man, has anyone seen my… AH, there they are,” Alicia said walking behind the bar for the first time in 6 weeks. “Right where I left them, in the dump sink.”


Lagoon Room is set to open Monday at 25% capacity. Which works well for Alicia and her coworkers, as they were definitely making 400% too much before the shutdown.


“Oh yeah, totally cool. We’re all very wealthy, which is why we work in the service industry. Can’t wait to get back at it!” she told us. “Just gonna rinse these tins off real quick… okay, all set up!”


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