OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA —  With the continued distancing rules, the hospitality industry is seeing a massive shift into a “turn & burn” service model across the all venues.  Candle-lit dining pivoting to counter service, cocktail bars swapping to a more casual atmosphere, everyone is making changes.  Area server, Davis Spencer, is also making changes to his personal service style.


“Ope, sorry,” they said to table 14, repositioning the check presenter directly in front of the guests. “I thought I saw you put your card in there, haha! No rush!”


“I’m taking my service cues from the classic diner aesthetic these days,” he told us later in the server station. “I lay the sugar on thick, and push ’em out to sea for 15 minutes. The best tables only need to speak to me twice while they’re here.  Which is great because I’m also the bartender and busser right now. Gotta run.”


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