PORTLAND, OREGON — Now that Portland Cocktail Week is coming to a close, it’s resume updating season.  Bartenders across the country are opening resume.doc and adding an extra line, indicating they’ve learned from those who have been doing this longer, better, or more loudly than them.  Eager graduate and Connecticut native, Jayden Campbell, is one of those young bartenders.


“I went ahead and scheduled a meeting with my manager after the trip to negotiate my hourly rate… when… I… uh… got my diploma,” she said to us a before open on her first day back, clearly distracted by a group text. “What section should I put this Bartending degree? I’ll put it under Education, above my Art History Bachelors and below Team Taco.”


When we left Jayden, she was scanning a small stack of Moleskins for any tidbit of useful knowledge to drop during her upcoming review. 


“I’m compiling a list of equipment that would really set us apart,” she went on. “We’re so wasteful as well. I can’t wait to travel to more cocktail conventions and learn about anti-waste!”


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