LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — We all are in constant states of waiting for our big day to come.  Each milestone puts a different goal in focus, to be repeated. We caught up with local to-go box as their big day was approaching.


“I think that’s my dish there.  They’ve been pick at it for a few minutes and slowing down,” the little box said, as a server touched the table. “This is it! They’re getting it to-go!”


Our hero was snatched from the stack, filled with raviolis, and carried to meet their new family – seams bulging with pride.  The group sat for a moment, before gathering their things and walking out the door. Our box stationary on the table.


“They’re coming back, right? Guys!?” the little box called out as the parmesan congealed inside. “Someone stop them! Mom! Other Mom!”


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