MESA, ARIZONA — As America continue to ease into reopening, most states are enforcing strict capacity regulations in the hospitality sector. Some restaurants and bars are having fun with the rules, like one restaurant in DC who added mannequins to empty seats.  We caught up with a local neighborhood bar and grill to hear their much more lively solution.


“Alright, up next we’ve got Steve and the Sax Drive!”


“See, it’s brilliant. Watch these people that just walked in. They sit down, have a beer, and leave immediately,” the owner / operator told us at the end of the bar furthest away from their staticky PA system. “We went to the local community college and hung flyers for an open mic night in the faculty lounge. We used phrases like ‘cool cats’ and ‘jazz daddies’ so we’d attract the right crowd. Then we throw them on stage with the volume like 15% too high, and boom!  Anyway, can I get you another beer?” 


We declined.


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