NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE —  Those on the scene are reporting that a local server let an on-the-fly dish sit in the kitchen for almost 30 seconds. We could not believe it either, so we sent an investigative unit out to find more.


“Can you tell us what happened here today?” our reporter asked the first person she saw when entering the back door of the kitchen at local New American restaurant in the suburbs of Nashville.


“Yeah, I only saw the beginning of it. When shit started to get rough, I rushed to the walk-in, pretending like I had to grab something,” the sous-chef recounted. “The server came through here, out of breath, and said that last entree was on-the-fly, that they needed it right now.  So we prepped the salmon quickly as requested. When chef put it up on the pass, we all held our breath. The seconds felt like years. When we crossed over into 20 seconds, I had to take cover.”


“Hey chef is walking back here,” pastry warned as we spoke.


“Heard. Anyway, I hear it took like fucking 27 seconds for the server to get back to the kitchen. I could feel the explosion through our 8″ thick walk-in. We are all a little shook from the fallout…”


The sous rushed off as chef stormed by wearing a stare that could make the devil cry.  Our reporter was able to evac safely.


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