MANHATTAN, NEW YORK  —  “We are thrilled to open the doors to this, our newest educational track at New York University.  In a partnership with its namesake, we’re proud to launch the Punch Drink Photography Graduate Program in the College of Arts and Science!” a representative for the university announced in a press conference earlier today while standing 3 feet away from a bright red table with arm outstretched, white knuckle pouring a bottle of Petillant down a pyramid of coupe glasses, splashing it dramatically. 


NYU is a magnet for hip children with the upper-class confidence to take Manhattan at 18-years-old.  This graduate program will help these students in the Photography School fast-track themselves into a career in internet food and beverage photography.  


“We couldn’t be more excited to take this on with our friends at NYU,” the lead photographer at Punch Drink said in an email to The Daily Expo newsroom.  “This is a fantastic way to share our vision and groom a new generation of visual influencers.”


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