ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO  — The ceremonial changing of the guard is a daily dining room occurrence at Slip’s Cove in the Nob Hill area. They, much like any restaurant that stays open through the afternoon, will inevitably have an overlap in guests between shifts. We stopped by this afternoon around 3:30, just as this overlap happened.


“Everybody doing okay over here?” our server asked, holding a box of various belongings and standing next to a stern looking man in a suit. “No rush at all, but it’s the end of my shift. This is our landlord Dawson who will be taking care of you. Thanks so much, enjoy the rest of your afternoon!”


We overheard her speaking as the landlord walked with her towards the door.


“43 seat 4 is has a gluten allergy, a real one. 17 seat 5 is drinking unsweet, and the rest of the table has declined a refill,” she went on as he began to close the door. “We messed up the apps on table 6, so you’ll need to send them something small for dessert! PROBABLY A SORBET BUT YOU’LL HAVE TO RING IN ICE CREAM AND COMMENT SORBET!”


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