TAMPA, FLORIDA — Most states have relaxed COVID-19 regulations this week.  From our perspective, the general public is ecstatic to molt that quarantine shell, blossoming into beautiful butterflies of plague.  We caught up with Ybor native, Emilie Propst, at local restaurant restaurant Dockside.


“Loved the hibernation, but winter is over, baby,” she told us from 2 feet away, proudly maskless. “It’s patio season, and I feel fine. I’m not sick, and neither are my friends. Plus it’s Tiff’s birthday!”


“Emilie, get over here and help me blow these candles out!” a friend called from across the restaurant.



“Oh my gosh, I gotta run. We got those trick candles again this year ha ha!” Emilie said, as she ran over to help her friends huff, puff, and blow our progress down.


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