PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND — Any bar or restaurant owner will tell you that finding good help is one of the biggest hurdles to clear. Building a team that is dedicated to the business and treats their roles with respect is often the key to success. When you finally land one of those superstar players, it’s important to recognize this and treat them as such. We caught up with local restaurant owner who was on the cusp of just that.


“I see you previously worked at this local fine dining spot downtown,” she said to the thin framed young applicant sitting in front of her. “Love that place. It says you started as a server though. Tell me a bit about it.”


“Oh yeah, I, uh, worked there for about 3 years,” he shifted a bit in his seat. “They started me on the floor while we waited for a bartender spot to open up. You know, they wanted to make sure I didn’t go anywhere else.”


We reached out to the local fine dining restaurant for confirmation.


“I remember that kid; he worked here last summer. He was a back server mostly. Did a lot of banquet work.”


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