Thursday is delivery day, for local cocktail bar The Grain Glass, where drivers often meet Bar Manager Tessa Stephens between 10 am-1 pm for items to be checked in and placed in the liquor room ahead of service.


New to route driver Bryan Miller arrived at 4:30 as Tessa was talking a guest through the difference a spicy rye will make versus a wheated bourbon in an Old Fashioned.


“Just put this anywhere?” Asked Miller over the song playing in his earbuds.


“Can you sign for this?” He asked as he tried to garner the attention of someone waiting to be seated.


“They were out of Blanco, so they sent this as a substitute, I can run it back and bring it by later tonight if that’s cool with you,” Miller stated while handing a pen to a potted plant.


Upon exit, Miller held the door for a guest while talking on speakerphone to his distributor.


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