NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — It’s that time of year again! All the brightest stars of the bar industry are preparing acceptance speeches and practicing poker faces for the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s annual Spirited Awards, taking place next week.  


“This year is a bit different. With the embers still glowing on the bar industry, we had to take sort of a fan fiction route with the awards,” a spokesperson for the foundation announced in a press release. “We hired my niece, who is a D&D Dungeon Master, to come in and create a world where these bars were open all year. We played in that world for a while, and came up with winners. To be honest, I had a blast. There was a lot of pizza involved. My mom let us borrow the basement.”


With event restrictions still in place the event venue had to be changed.  This year, in lieu of an exclusive, ticketed night of glamour, the ceremony will be held entirely online. You can register for the virtual event on the Tales website linked here.


“The nomination was a thrill; who doesn’t like to see their work recognized? To be honest though, I’m pretty stoked it’s all online this time,” commented one nominee, competing against a much larger PR team. “This saves a bunch of time and emotion for me and my team. We’ve gotta figure out how to survive the winter.”


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