NEW YORK, NEW YORK — We caught back up with the Midwest’s Clark Watson at popular NYC cocktail bar, Attaboy, as he was offering unsolicited advice to strangers around him to order the Penicillin, citing it’s status as a modern classic from that bar.  That was when the bartender finally popped the big question.


“So you’re in the industry?” asked his bartender, knowing the answer.


“Yeah, I’m a bartender,” he said coyly. “I run a cocktail bar called Marigold in Omaha. I’m Clark Watson. What is your name?” he asked in a panic, pretending like he didn’t know her name was Anne Wong, that she recently went to the Patron Hacienda, and that her corgi Ruffles has an Instagram account.  


When we left Clark, he was struggling with the decision of whether or not it would be creepy to tag Anne in an Instagram post about his visit.  He decided the most natural way to do it would be to unfollow Anne, refollow her, and then do the post — like they just met.


EDITOR’S UPDATE: We reached out to Anne for comment.  She submitted the following via Facebook Messenger:


“Yeah, I’ve met that guy like 5 times. We were on the same bus at Runamok.”


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