NEW YORK, NEW YORK — America is trying hard to be done with Covid-19, but the number of cases is on the rise.  Some, like local couple Carl and Shandra, are buckling down and doing their part to prevent another full-fledged wave of infections. We caught up with them at local patio bar Airborne Lounge. 


“People are literally dying out here,” Shandra told us, mask on her chin. “We put these on before leaving the house. We even wear them in the car. It’s selfish to not do your best, and you can’t be too safe.”


She paused to grab a passing server, who was carrying a tray of drinks, and spew the words, “Can I get some Splenda?” Her mask still on her chin.


“Our economy can’t handle another shutdown. People really need to take this seriously,” she told us as her burger arrived.  She fully removed her mask and set it prominently next to her plate, as if to signify to the room that she gets it.


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