BOISE, IDAHO — We met local dad and bar regular, Miles Edwards, as he was cruising through the new Fall cocktail list at his neighborhood restaurant, Smoke Stack.  Miles typically eats out when his ex-wife, Deborah, has the kids.  He loves to sit at the bar and gab with the bar staff.  


“Well, I’ll be, ha ha!  Good gosh, I’ve seen everything now ha ha!” he exclaimed after being handed the new Fall menu. “I mean, it’s not for me, but I can’t believe y’all are selling these lemonades for $12!  Oh my ha ha!” he went on, just tickled to death over the No-Proof section of the cocktail menu.


“I’m normally an old fashioned guy.  I’ll have one…” Miles looks around the room, “maybe two of those bad boys and I’m set.”


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