ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Time seems to pass in an instant, and the entire world can shift right under your feet. This is how local bartender, Marvin Chu, felt when he took a few friends into his old place of work, Tipple Town, last night. He worked behind the bar at TT last spring and summer, before landing a managerial role at a hotel across town.


“Yeah, all of these people are new,” Marvin advised after leading a pack of friends through the door. They sat at the bar and looked over the menu. “I don’t see it on here, but you guys should order the Grenada Colada, it’s my turmeric banana colada that was on the menu last spring. Such a great drink; I’m sure they have it back there.”


“Ah, you guys are still rocking that in the well! I remember when our Southern rep Jeff brought it in,” Marvin interjected at the bartender, while peering into the back of house. “Is Chef Jada in the kitchen tonight? Tell her Marvin the Martian says CLACK CLACK!  She’ll know.”


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