SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — It started so harmless and carefree.  It was one of those magical nights where the entire team at Quigley’s Bar & Grill finished closing sidework at the same time.  As they were all leaving together, line cook Monica suggested that everyone go out for a drink. After a “fine just one” consensus, they found themselves shuffling to the bar at the local neighborhood beer and shot joint. That was then – last night. Fast forward 10 hours to the now.


“Oh my god, what time is it?” Monica said to herself, with a vague cloud of shame lingering over her bed. She pulled the covers up to her chin as she replayed the previous night’s conversations in her head. “I feel like someone is mad at me, and I don’t know why.”


Her phone buzzed.  She saw a dozen more notifications as she struggled to position her face in a way that her iPhone would recognize her.  She gave up and slid her phone under the pillow until its 3% battery ran out. 


“Hey Siri, search ‘if I unsend a DM do they still get a notification‘ on Google.” 


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