DETROIT, MICHIGAN — The COVID way of life has been a transition for all. Some people, like local henchmen Katya and Dimitri, are finding ways to reconnect with themselves and come out of this stronger and more centered.


“We’re really getting back to our roots, you know,” Katya told us while sitting on a metal work bench in an industrial complex on the outskirts of town. “A few years ago all of us in the diabolical henchmen community were priced out of our hideouts for these new build developments.”


“Brunch restaurants, coffee shops, those super regional boutiques that you wonder how they stay open… they were all willing to pay more than us,” Dimitri added. “We couldn’t keep up.  So we relocated.  Suburbs mostly.  Strip malls, old Olive Garden locations, stuff like that.”


“But with the restaurant closures, we’re back, baby. I do love what they’ve done with the place. These Edison bulbs are a nice touch. Those metal stools have to go though.”


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