LEBANON, TENNESSEE — “Clancy, party of 7, your table is now available. Clancy party of 7, your table is now available.”


Nostalgia sells. To the older crowd, familiarity and comfort can be a hot commodity in this dynamic world. That is why area baby boomer white guy, Gerald Clancy, loves to visit the local Cracker Barrel with his family.  We caught up with him this afternoon, as he was grabbing a post-church lunch.


“Oh, Barb, that’s us,” Gerry exclaimed, dropping an American muscle car button-up and scurrying to the host stand. “Clancy, Gerald Clancy right here!”  We followed him to his table for a quick word.


“There’s just something about this place that makes me comfortable. I don’t know exactly what it is. The food is just okay, but there’s something about the atmosphere I love. I can’t quite put my finger on it.” 


Gerry took a moment to admire the antiques on the walls as everyone ordered from their server, who happened to be  a black woman. Behind her, rusty farming tools and advertisements hung among tintype photos of lily skinned antebellum gentry.


“Ah, yes, I’ll have the Uncle To… Herschel, Uncle Herschel’s Special. Thanks!”


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