SAVANNAH, GEORGIA — Corporate life has never been Natia or Josue’s preferred professional atmosphere.  So it has been an adjustment picking up shifts at a downtown craft grocery store chain.


“What’s the big deal?” Natia told us, walking over to Josue with two cherries in her hand. “We were clocked out! Just a bunch of bureaucrats around here.”  They tapped the cherries and quickly ate them, throwing the stems on the ground.


Josue and Natia used to work shifts in a local dimly lit cocktail den on the Southside neighborhood.  Since the pandemic, they’ve pivoted their discerning tastes over to craft grocery stores.


“This is so good; great choice. Mind if I have a little nip with you?” Josue asked while weighing a lump of cranberry goat cheese. He scooped off a chunk and spread it on a rice cracker behind the counter. 


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