CLEVELAND, OHIO — Tremont native, Josué Martin, used to slam out rounds of drinks on service well, but now slams out Google Navigation directions for cocktail delivery at his restaurant.  Their to-go program has a glassware option. This, in lieu of drinking Passionfruit Daiquiris out of Hard Rock Hotel pint glasses, offers a more complete cocktail experience.


We spoke with Josué as he was packing an order for long time regulars, the Johnson family.  The father is a business attorney that loves to take calls at the bar,  the mother is a dentist who always says the Splenda Margarita you make is “pretty good,” and the kids spill more food than they eat – but they’re consistent and harmless. 


“The weirdest thing just happened. I accidentally dropped a coupe while packing their order, and it shattered on the floor. My guttural reaction was to recoil for the inevitable… but nothing followed,” Josué told us through the take-out window. “The silence was deafening. Nobody was around to cheer.  Some bro didn’t yell ‘OPAH.’  Nada.”


Josué took a moment to clean the glass shards up.


“It’s like it didn’t happen. It’s like none of this is happening. I feel like the ghost of a bartender in a Hallmark Channel movie, cursed to serve drinks for eternity in an empty bar until someone comes in and opens another bar, releasing my spirit.”


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