JOSHUA TREE, CALIFORNIA — Gary “Gaz” Regan was found wandering the desert in a fugue state today, months after being pronounced missing at an event he held with Hendrick’s Gin, DMTs & GNTs in the Desert.  What was billed as “a most peculiar romp through the Mojave with the Magician Gaz and his cucumber Bartholomew,” turned into a scene that made Fyre Fest look like Church retreat.


Investigators reportedly had a rough time locating Gaz, as most bartenders thought he was “one of those 1800 dudes.”


“Wait, who?  The guy who invented orange bitters?” responded a bartender when shown a photo of Gaz by the Missing Person’s Unit of the local police precinct.  


Readers may recall, this was the second time Gaz Regan went missing.  The first occurrence was eventually revealed as an elaborate publicity stunt where he ascended into the sky under a helicopter disguised as a “flying saucer” type vehicle during Tales of the Cocktail 2014.


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