BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Yesterday morning newhire barback, Erwin Morrison, thought the day would go just like any other. In an ongoing attempt to go above and beyond on the job, Erwin set himself to wipe down every bottle on the backbar during service that night. It was during this task that something incredible happened.


“I reached on the back left corner to grab the Liquore Galliano bottle, started to wipe the neck, and a thick shimmery plume of purple smoke shot out,” Erwin recounted to us through the window of his bright red 1964 Ferrari 250 LM. “It scared the hell out of me for a second… To be honest, I still haven’t tasted the stuff, but big shout-out to Galliano!  Anyway, I’ve gotta get out of here. If I keep Oprah waiting longer than an hour, I’m going to feel kinda bad.”


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